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Make-up Policy - Swimmers in Team and Clinic programs may make up a missed practice during their current session. You must call the CODS office first. Make-ups may not be made in the next session. A swimmer may not make up a practice by attending a practice in a different program without express permission from the CODS office (i.e., a Clinic swimmer may not make up a missed practice at a Team workout).

Winter/Spring 2012 Refund Policy - Requests for refunds (pro-rated) will be granted prior to February 15, 2011 for all programs. After February 15, 2011, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED, and you will be billed for the remainder of outstanding payments, regardless of whether or not your child continues to swim with us.

Cancelled Practice Policy - In the event of thunder or other severe weather (heavy snow), the pool will close. Additionally, be aware that the pool must also close, according to county health code, in cases of vomit or defecation in the water. When we have to cancel practice, both our website and our office voice mail will be updated as soon as possible to reflect this change. If we have ample notice of an unforeseen (not weather-related) closing (i.e. pool closes at 3pm and practice begins at 7pm), we will make every effort to notify you.

If the pool closes due to weather circumstances (thunder, lightning and/or high winds) or has delays, it is your responsibility to contact us (via phone or Internet) to find out if practice has been cancelled.

We do not follow Montgomery County School closings. Please consult our web page or phone message for actual weather related schedule.

Please be patient and expect to have a few cancelled practices here and there. Refunds will NOT be issued for cancelled practices unless the number of practices cancelled becomes excessive.

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