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Paying with a Credit Card:

We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover Card.

When submitting your credit card - you must provide the Issuer, Card Number, Expiration Date and the Validation Code (validation code number is the last three (sometimes 4) numbers in the signature area on back of the card) and the name that appears on the card.

NEVER send your credit card information via email.
Send it by regular mail or fax it to us at 301-738-8833.

Please read the following carefully.

When you select Plan 1 or Plan 2 for your Payment Type on the registration form, you have the following options when paying by credit card:

1.  Pay for session in full on credit card.

2.  Pay deposit $135 (= $100 plus QO fee of $35) with credit card then have remaining payments automatically processed:

- If Plan 1 was selected then remaining balance will be charged to your card on or by February 15th.

- If Plan 2 was selected, then the remaing balance will be charged in three payments due on Feburary 15th, March 15th and April 15th. (Selecting this option you are giving your consent to have payments charged to your card on or by the payment due date(s)).

3.  Pay deposit with credit card then make remaining three payments with credit card - (this option requires that you manually give your okay, by fax or email, for each payment to be processed on February 15th, March 15th and April 15th).


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