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Coach On Deck Swim Program is a swim training program designed to meet the needs of summer swim team and High School swimmers. Our program is designed for the swimmer who participates in other sports, but wants to maintain their passion for swimming. We do offer structured multi-level programs.

Our offerings include:

Team Swimming & Stroke Clinics & Masters Swimming

Each of our swimmers works on setting goals, and coaches emphasize the rewards of discipline and hard work. At the same time, we recognize the need for teammates to socialize and have fun, so we include fun as one of our routine activities!

At Coach On Deck, we believe that people of all ability levels and all ages can benefit from swimming. In each of our programs, we emphasize correct technique and form. At the higher levels, of course, swimmers also train on a well-planned conditioning schedule to prepare for competition. We believe swimmers who exercise discipline and effort, no matter what their level, can enjoy success by meeting their goals.

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